The music I play – Free Sheets – Part 1

These below are music sheets that I play. Feel free to download any you like.

Music is the universal language of mankind – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  • Praeludium und Fuge No. 1 by J.S.Bach (For Piano and Violin). I play piano part for this one. Hope someday I will get a partner for the violin part. It’s a great piece for a church wedding.


Watch cover by Sungha Jung on youtube here: (Pachelbel) Canon_- Sungha Jung

All the guitar sheets for now will be in PDF form. I use Guitar Pro 6 to export them.

Please report to me for any links that do not work. Thank you!

A little of my music background:

In junior high school, I studied playing keyboard for 4 years and piano for 1 year. I had a gap time of 3 years in high school without even touching a note for some reason. Now I have a chance to practice piano again and also learn new instruments such as guitar. My ambition is to be able to form a band at my college ,and first of all in the next year 2018 I will form a music club for the sake of the student body. Currently my service is at a local church. I play there every Sunday mass.

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