What did I learn from Student Leaders Orientation?

Today my SGA (Student Government Association) President and I – as a Senator came to Student Leaders Orientation at CCC’s SGA. This meeting was held for all student leaders from all 7 CCCs (City Colleges of Chicago). That was really a great opportunity for me to meet with other Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasures, and Senators from other colleges. It’s no doubt that I did learn so much today. Spending 1 hour on the train line was so worth it :).

It was me on the right and my SGA President the left.

And with no further due, let’s jump into what was very special about this event:

     1. It’s a workshop to learn soft skills.

The moment I stepped into the meeting room, I suddenly realized all other student leaders there were professionally conducting. They knew how to shake hands and make friendly acquaintance with other people. I was really impressed. It was just a small gesture, but they really paid attention to what I was saying, made eye contact with me, and gave me such a warm welcome. I loved those people!

     2. Title IX – The most complicated issue every student should be educated on.

Title IX

It’s always good for every student to have a basic and adequate knowledge of what title IX is and how it can protect them. Title IX is basically a law stating that no person must “be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination.” This also includes sexual harassment and sexual violence. Believe me! This issue is the problem that everybody would still discuss in the next decade.

It is important the student leaders can fully have a good grasp of title IX. They are the ones that (are supposed to) spread the knowledge to every one on the campus. From my perspective, some students do not know that they can even talk to a Confidential Advisor that has no duty to disclose any information. A negligence of something like this may lead to an unwanted incident.

     3. Team Building

Team building definitely is an essential activity for everybody to connect with and understand each other. Let me tell you the similarity between a SGA team and a chess game. The king and the queen are just like the President and Vice President. So what is my Senator position? It’s the paws. Being a Senator is a privilege. Without Senate Members, the Executive Board will get nothing done by themselves. Just like the paws and their sovereigns, they work with each other to win. A team requires a mutual cooperation so that it can function effectively.

     4. Education is key

Malcolm X quote

I want to extract a quote from Malcolm X that I heard at the meeting: “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Every body gets education to be successful. If not education at school, that’ll be the education they get y themselves.

     5. People are awesome

That was the first time in my life I attended a meeting like this. To be honest, I had many “wow” moments while I was listening to other student leaders presenting their schools. I was like ” these people are awesome, they know so much things that I don’t know about”. And I realize now that the more sophisticated people I get along with, the more open-minded I become. Getting to know more people means adopting more grand ideas.

     6. School is school, fun is fun

Working in SGA doesn’t mean that we (as a student body’s voice) do not what fun is. Trying to be hilarious and becoming easier-to-befriend SGA officers will be offering students a friendly welcome and they may want to talk to us. Eventually, after school, we go back to a normal day with work and family. Out of the class, we are all active and energetic students who want to experience the most out of college.

What about you? Have you ever attended a meaningful meeting like this before? Share and comment!

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