No event ideas for your school? Check these out!

Fall semester is coming up! Have you and your friends ready yet? New semester also means a full season of fun with tons of various activities. Everybody already knows about Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. But there are tons of other activities out there students can try. If you haven’t got any ideas (or want some for reference), take a look at the list below:

  • Truman talk (or “yout school’s name” talk): Probably a good idea to follow TED Talk organization. It is seen as a workshop with an invited speaker. Letting students gather and listen to some grand ideas on subjects such as profanity, language, healthy diet, or social media may yield positive attitude to the whole campus. You can come up with any topic you want.

  • Truman’s Got Talent (or “your school’s name” Got Talent): we have TED Talk, why not “Got Talent”? Every body has fun. School has talents. Talents have grand prizes. Dancer, singer, magician, or comedian, every talent will come together and make a big show!

  • Car wash: Doing some car wash for charity fund-rasing as long as fund-rasing does not violate school policy.

  • Barbecue picnic: who doesn’t want food directly on fire?

  • Movies screening: Pick up some classic movies. Psycho (age-restricted on advertisement first is an example? Freshmen in movie industry can learn about the hallmark of the horror genre.

  • Dance competition: This is an opportunity for all students to showcase their culture, which also promotes inclusivity and diversity on the campus.

  • Adopt-a-Beach: some organizations offer the chance for all volunteers to contribute to the cleaniness of beaches. In Chicago here, ALLIANCE for the Great Lakes are quite well-known to college students.

  • Book Drive and Exchange: some old books may be beneficial to other students. Why not exchange the chemistry book you called crappy to take a novel home and study literature for your own sake?

Do you have anything except these mentioned above? Please comment below and share your fun and special ideas.


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