How come I become a Senator of Student Government Association.

Currently, I am a pre-med majoring in biology at a community college. The three more years ahead, a lot of work is anticipated. Internship, research, doctor shadowing, or resume decorating are all I am worried now and then. Top of all things when I enrolled in my school was to find a place where I can develop leadership skill. Yeah! That’s right! Leadership skills!

My home country is Viet Nam where education nowadays does not offer many chances for students to hone their interpersonal skills. When I came here, people all pat on my back as if I was the smartest guy in the classroom. You got it right! I’m the smartest, but do you know what price I had to pay for that? All the days, most students just know how to learn and write. Nevertheless, they lack the experience of the real world. And leadership is one of them.

Realizing that leadership is crucial not only for the time being but also for my career, I joined Student Government Association (SGA) of Harry S Truman community college. Of course, I enrolled as a Senator. Who dared to apply for any official position (Secretary or President) when given that I had no prior experience in at all? With community college, I did think that being a Senator was not that hard to get in. Yes, indeed I got admitted. But who knows Senator is such a difficult and time-consuming job ever!

On the first days of missions, I was directed y by my President. He was such a decent and generous gentleman. I have been very grateful for what I had learnt from him. Basically, I learnt how an official meeting takes place, how I can conduct and direct an appointment with faculty staff to discuss business, how to compose a formal email by word choice and edit. My communication ability is obviously in progress ever since. I almost no longer am afraid of my accent when talking. My English is also good enough for most people to understand. After one semester, I have really seen how most people who are in charge of a community school run it. Definitely there is so much I still have to learn.

Now I am under summer training for the next year. Everything is getting clearer and more understandable to me with the training. Coming back as a Senator, this time I will take the school aback by phenomena that I will make.

Minh Vu

Student Government Association | Senator 2016/17

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